JCC JC94198BN FGLED3 LED Warm White Brushed Nickel Downlight

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JCC Lighting, JC94198BN.


JCC Lighting, JC94198BN, FGLED3 WW Brushed Nickel Downlight. FGLED3, Cost Effective, Reliable LED Fire Rated Downlight.
• Compatible with FGLED6™ non-dimmable
• Designed for modern ceiling heights
• Ideal for even shallower ceiling voids
• Over 80% energy saving against halogen
• Outperforms halogen and CFL**
• Ultra low 3W energy usage
• Outstanding efficiency 67 lpcW
• Unique design that’s built to last
• High quality, die-cast aluminium bezel
• Crystal clear engineered lenses
• Crisp, clear light from high quality lens
• IP65, ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens
• 10 year extended warranty
FGLED3, LED, 3W, 250 Lumens, Brushed Nickel Finish, IP65, Warm White, Pressed Steel Body, Die Cast Aluminuim Bezel.
Installation guide

It is recommended that luminaires are installed by a qualified electrician to ensure the installation complies to current IEE wiring regulations and local building control.

This product is designed for connection to a 240V mains supply. This appliance will be considered Class 1 with loop in/ loop out connector and earth provision. Switch off the mains supply before installation or servicing.

Ensure area surrounding this luminaire is cleared of any flammable substances.

Where required by building regulations this product may be loosely covered with mineral wool insulation, however JCC recommends that there be adequate free air ventilation around the luminaire wherever possible.

Installation procedure

Stage 1
Read the instructions and check you have all the tools and accessories required to complete the installation correctly.

Stage 2
Cut the mounting hole in the ceiling, (JCC recomends that a sample hole is cut in a section of spare material to familiarise yourself with the process)

Cut-out dimensions

∅71-73mm – 12.5mm thick,
30minute ceiling types

∅80mm-30mm thick,
60-90 minute ceiling types

Stage 3
Connect luminaire to 240V supply. Press springs back and push luminaire body into aperture.


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