SY9979CW Como LED Tri-Light

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Sycamore, SY9979CW. Price exc VAT.


Sycamore, SY9979CW, Cucina Lite – Como LED Tri-Light.

This collection of LED cabinet lights offers a choice of cool or warm white LED, with a variety of different style bodies to suit different applications or tastes. The LED offers a good quality light output, enabling them to be used as task lighting in a kitchen, as well as adding mood lighting to any application.

Power supply 12Vdc
Cable length 2m
Number of hours 20,000*
Colour appearance Warm White & Cool White
Colour temperature 3000÷3500 & 5000÷6000 Kelvin
Luminous efficacy 6 7lm/w (ww) 60 lm/w (cw)
Colour rendering index Ra 82
Wattage 1.8W
IP Rating IP44
* based on 70% of initial lumen output

8w/12Vdc Power Converter SY9980B or SY9980A/MF
Runs up to 3 lights

15w/12Vdc Power Converter SY9739A/MF
Runs up to 6 lights

Como LED Tri-Light
SY9979WW or CW
Stainless Steel


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